Lots of rain and Solo (Tortoise) our new family member

Dear Rinki and Ramit,

These past days its been raining so much, every afternoon like a clockwork event the clouds roll in, it turns grey and the skies open up. And you know what that means, running around disconnecting all our electrical gadgetry because before we can count to three the drum-rolls begin and lightning strikes. It wouldn’t be a lie if were I to say, before coming here to Santiniketan I never knew what the real deal in lightning was. From my studio upstairs, one can see the bolts falling all around. It is scary and yet so fascinating,  nature is beautiful and ruthless at the same time. The rain has effectively made prisoners of us and you can imagine how it must be trying to keep a hyperactive nine-year-old inside the house when all he wants to do is go out and play in the mud and rain. Before you both jump on my throat, I do have a a valid reason for not letting him do that, there has been an epidemic of sorts of viral fever. I have had to devise up all sorts of activities.

You know your nephew is an out and out animal lover, how many stray dogs, cats, birds even fledglings have found their way into our home is difficult to remember. So it won’t come as a surprise to hear that one of his monsoon projects has been collecting caterpillars and then feeding them and taking care of them till they magically turn into butterflies. I acted very adult but to tell the truth I felt every bit the child when the first butterfly hatched…it was just an amazing moment.

And we have a new family member. A turtle! And yes Riz and his papa found it in our garden. What can I say other than bring it on! It has been duly named SOLO, because it was alone without its mama. Now Solo Sahu is a proud member of our family, he lives in a glass bowl on our dining table ( Rinki forget the yucks…will ask you in about ten years time)  and is fed fresh earthworms from the kitchen garden…talk about gourmet food!

Sending you pictures so that you can remember to ask Rizi when you talk next….

Write soon, especially you Ramit, haven’t heard from you in quite a while….

Love you both



2 comments on “Lots of rain and Solo (Tortoise) our new family member

  1. reese says:

    Bless ur new family member n that butterfly looks pretty.

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