Plump Yellow Peppers stuffed with Ricotta & Potato

Plumpy peppers…a really old but all time favourite with all categories of people…I, for instance love to cut it into half and see all the juices and stuffing ooze is a big favourite among Europeans and Latin Americans who use a variety of ingredients to make the stuffing. Different countries have different names for it…like Bharva Mirch (India), Pimiento Rellenos (Spain), Dolmah (Balkan Countries), Punjena (Croatia), Yemista (Greek), and so on and so forth…The common fillings used are ground meat, fish, cheese, potatoes, corn, rice and herbs. At times I stuff them with boiled eggs too.

Oh and don’t you just love the colors??!!
Today am not posting a recipe…but just the pics of a very simple yet amazingly delicious dish..its my kinda comfort food 🙂


Just have a look at the potato and ricotta oozing out of the peppers…yuuuuum!! I usually pan fry them on medium heat coz it makes them soft & juicy and gives them the perfect charred flavour that totally makes these peppers taste divine!! But a lot of people like to bake it too which I think kicks the moisture out of the peppers, leaving them a bit dry…


Ooooh look at these over-stuffed peppers (I have to always put a tooth-pick to hold the lid or else the stuffing starts to push the lid away!!)….I feel like biting into one straight away…what say you? 🙂 The dish is very serves as a perfect accompaniment to a main dish of meat or fish…however if you put them in a tomato gravy, they will be a healthy main dish too!!



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