Ushmita (Didi)

“Culinary Confessions”

A warm greeting to all those food lovers who have traveled to this page …I strongly believe in the adage my grandmother drilled into me as a kid… “Chew, don’t swallow”. Life must be enjoyed in morsels and if we swallow without savoring, we may end up with the proverbial tummy ache!

As a professional artist, a part time poet and writer, and a full on lover of food….I too am a fellow traveler, foraging through this and dabbling through that. But this platform is a paean to all the indelible food memories as opposed to the inedible ones! And there are many of the latter, ranging from a more recent series of burning my lunch every afternoon for a week to one hilarious incident in the distant past when my first experiment with baking bread resulted in a loaf, which my father said I should preserve, in case robbers attacked us on which occasion it would make the perfect bludgeon!

The notion that  food was something one could pine for, was revealed to me when my grandmother would go away to stay with her son, my uncle, and I would eagerly wait for her return so she could make patishaptas (a traditional Bengali rice flour pancake with a sweet filling of coconut, condensed milk and date palm jaggery). I would sit and silently watch her turning the pancakes skillfully with her special oyster shell, which was her prized possession, and keep popping the hot delicious sweetmeats into my mouth. My mother in one of her more sentimental bouts has lamented the fact that I have broken up a long line of intrepid sweater knitters ( my mom, her mother, her mother before that and so on)… and I would always answer that I have kept the more important lineage of food alive. Yes, food is important to me, my husband and my nine year old son too have been indoctrinated into the cult of food. Although it does bring its own problems, like the fact that my son thinks nothing of telling me at the unearthly hour of six in the morning…ma please make me calzone for Tiffin!

I have food dreams, I watch  food and travel based programmes, my phone has food based applications, and cooking especially baking is therapeutic to me. So It is with pleasure that I look forward to sharing both my success and my failures with you and hope you will keep coming back for the next mouthful!

Foodfully yours,



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