Some new posts and a big hello!!

Hi Didi and Daibi,

This last one year we haven’t posted anything on our Blog. But obviously that doesn’t mean we haven’t cooked or enjoyed experimenting new foods or recipes! We all have just been a bit lazy…ok very lazy and have been posting things directly on Facebook instead of writing here. As we are getting busier by the day in our lives, none of us had the time to cook or do elaborate things. So many of our recent recipes are simple to cook dishes with hacks to simplify complicated processes.

I am consolidating all those posts from Facebook, here to continue the tryst we made with this blog.

  1. Chicken and Cheese Quiche – click here 
  2. Burgundy Lamb Cutlets with a Wine Reduction Sauce, Creamy Pea Mash and Grilled Sweet Potatoes – click here 
  3. Raw Mango, Peanut and Mint Chutney; Quick Raw Mango Pickle; Sweet and Tangy Pickle with Raw Mango & Raisins – click here 
  4. 5 Spice Poached Chicken and Rice Noodles in a Spicy Broth garnished with a Tangy Wombok Salad – click here 
  5. Beetroot and Vodka cured Salmon with Avocado and Spring Onion Salad – click here 
  6. Dates, Figs and Nuts Log – click here 
  7. Mirin and Sake Chicken Balls in a Red Miso broth made with Shitake mushrooms and Kombu, served with Pickled Carrots and Nori Strips – click here 
  8. Blue Cheese and Mushroom Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower – click here 
  9. Bangladeshi Dum Illish (Slow-cooked Hilsa Fish) – click here 

Now that’s called a recap of the lovely dishes we made in the last months 🙂

Enjoy and let’s start again!!

Lots of love to you two,




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