Eggless Coffee & Chocolate Handbag Cake and Coin Purse Cake

Hello Cousins!!

What happened to our cooking and writing streak?? I miss our food talks and experiments people….I know I too have been a bit out of touch..actually I was a little busy doing some other things. But I would write about those in later posts.  Today I am just too excited to share with you both a creation that I made for a friend’s birthday who loves bags and shoes!! I really wanted the cake to mean something special for her and am glad that it turned out exactly how I wanted it to be.  There was one more challenge in this attempt – I had to make the whole thing Vegetarian. Now this is not a big deal for you Didi, but for me it was 🙂 The inspiration of the cake came from some other blogs and videos which have demonstrated awesome designer bag cakes and Fondant shoes like or  I mean look at the stuff, who would say its EDIBLE??!!! But I am not familiar with fondant…to tell you the truth, I didn’t make an effort to try it till now as it requires stuff like Glucose syrup/corn syrup/gelatin, which are not so easily available in India (ok we do get gelatin, but I wanted the whole cake to be vegetarian). Even if they are, they cost a lot, as you very well know Didi!

Finally I saw this video and decided to follow the easy yet attractive method it showed.  Of course I gave it the Dakhina touch from every angle, but yes the idea was from here. What I produced finally was this:

Eggless Coffee & Chocolate Handbag Cake and Coin Purse Cake

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Choco-Vanilla Tall Boy (Checkered Cake Loaf) with Caramel Floss and Toffee

Dear Cousins!

How are the two of you? I have been a bit busy lately, and you know what was I doing? Cooking!! hehhehee…it was Niloy’s b’day on 25th and it was the first time I was with him on his b’day.  Therefore I wanted it to be very very special which including breaking my limits!! I must confess, that even though I love cooking and am patient with everything related to food (normally I have attention-deficit-disorder with every other thing), when it comes to Icing a cake I never had the courage.  I always thought it to be an arduous task and thought it would require like maybe 10 hours!! But Didi, with your encouragement and support I finally managed to do a cake (of which I am very very proud now) with icing. I called it a Tall Boy because its looks like one! Do you know what is a tall boy? I didn’t…but when I came to Melbourne and was looking for furniture for our flat, I came across this term.  It is basically a tall chest of drawers…but I liked the I named my cake after it.









For a 25x8x10 cm Cake:

1 Chocolate Cake with walnuts (26x18cm)

1 Vanilla Cake with walnuts (26x18cm)

100 gms chopped Walnuts

100 gms Strawberry Jam+2 tbsp Icing Sugar+2 tbsp Butter

For Chocolate Ganache

200 gms Dark Cooking Chocolate slab broken to small pieces

250 ml Thickened Cream (or Pure Cream)

3-4 tbsp Icing Sugar

For Caramel Floss and Toffee

100 gms Sugar

1 Tbsp water


Take the two cakes and level them by cutting with a sharp knife so that they fit with each other.  Take the jam, sugar and butter in a bowl and beat with a fork till blended well into a smooth paste. Apply on the top of one cake a sandwich with the other.  Then cut lengthwise into two halves.  On the top of one section apply the jam mix and stack the other half on this one in a way that it is in the order of vanilla chocolate vanilla chocolate.  Then cut into two halves again along the length and place side by side …you have now two parts of four slices with alternate chocolate and vanilla slices (please refer to the picture slideshow below). Again apply jam mix on one part and stack it over the other half.  Remember that it should be chocolate slice on a vanilla slice and vice versa. Cut the rounded edges to have straight sides all around. When you make the whole thing stand on a cake board, it should look like a checkered brick. (I wrapped a chopping board with aluminium foil and placed the cake on it.  In an absence of a cake board, one has to make such arrangements!!)

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For icing, place the pieces of chocolate in a microwave proof bowl, add the cream and heat for 2 mins.  Alternatively, you can heat the cream in a double-boiler and pour over the chocolate. Then slowly and gently (to avoid air bubble) start mixing the two till the chocolate has melted.    Add the icing sugar and let is cool down. I used a large knife to do the icing and layered the whole 3 times to get a smooth surface.  Finally with a stiff tea-coaster I evened the whole thing (another example of the phrase, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’)!! I took the chopped walnut and did a skirting of the cake with it….as in stuck the walnuts on the bottom sides of the cake. I sprinkled the rest on the top of the cake.

Then I made the caramel floss and toffee using the recipe in the Fig and Caramel Icecream.  Then pour the caramel on foil in various shapes for toffee. For the floss, keep pulling the spoon up and down on the foil occasionally using the finger to pull. Be careful as it would be pretty hot! (refer to the slideshow above).

With spoon and fingers keep pulling threads to make the floss

Place the Toffee and Floss on the top of the cake and keep in refrigerator for 4-5 hours. It was awesome you know in looks and taste…it took me 4 hours to finish the whole thing, but the moment I sliced it, there was this look of awe and love in Niloy’s eyes….every bit of my effort was worth it then! Try this..I had read about this recipe some 4-5 years back but never had the heart to make it…but now that I have done it, I feel, “Oh! I can do anything!” 😀

Love and hugs, Rinki

A Chocolate Chess Board Cake with Sugar Clay Chess Men

Dearest Cousins…

What do you know, the sun has just decided to show face.. I think I may not speak with it though, how could it forget us for so long…oh wait it’s saying something..what..oh… hmm…It says its been taking lessons from a certain Ramit Mitra! If the person in question is reading this then they might think of showing face as well, its no fun being two cousins out of three…can you imagine a tricycle running on two would be a bicycle then wouldn’t it! Enough chastisement now to business…

Well you are both aware that every year I try to make a surprise birthday cake for your nephew, keeping his current passions in mind…last time he was obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter…I distinctly remember him telling me in all seriousness to call him Harry Sparrow, you know Harry as in Potter and Sparrow from Jack Sparrow! Hilarious but I had to keep a serious face and nod sagely.. so last birthday it had been the Black Pearl Cake with the treasure chest overflowing with jewels. This year he is obsessed with chess, playing it with his Papa, or on the computer or our mobile phones all the time. A friend of ours has lent him Bobby Fischer’s book on chess and he is learning the moves. So this time I wanted to do a chess board cake.

Chocolate Chessboard Cake with Sugar Chess Men


Initially I had thought about just making the board and using real chess men to decorate it. But you know me, I can never pass up a food challenge…and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to make the pawns as well. In the end I did, after lots of trouble and heartache and jitters and turned out spectacularly well even if I do say so myself…do I hear clarion calls and trumpets..Thank you all..he he! On a serious note, it was a success in the sense that I had to make everything yourself. There are no short cuts available here, nothing ready made that you can buy at the shops. But I also made so many mistakes and had to keep patience and work with them, modifying or sometimes starting again from scratch.  It was a labour of Love but the best reward was the surprised sparkle in Riz’s eyes when he saw it and the hug he gave me said it all.

For the Dark Chocolate Cake for the chess board ( See previous post on Sinful Dark Chocolate Cake). You will needed to bake Four nos., 8 inch cakes for the chess board, and another extra cake for the Box. Let all cakes cool. Overnight is good, refrigeration of the cake even better for icing. You cannot ice a hot cake. Your icing will melt into a oily mess.

To display the cakes, cover a large wooden board with foil or silver paper . To make the chess board, cut a brown paper square of 12 inch which will serve as template. Using the template,cut cake to size and assemble. You will be left with extra pieces of cake. Reserve these for any emergency. Ice the main cake with Chocolate butter cream icing. You will also need to make the box and the lid cake. Just cut two rectangular pieces of cake. Scoop out a bit from the one that will be the box and position the lid on top. Ice with Strawberry Butter cream icing. (For all Icing refer to Black Pearl Ship Cake recipe).


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Sugar Modelling Clay for the Chess Men

Before I go on to describe this recipe, let me clarify that this was the first time I made this. I scoured the internet for a recipe whose ingredients would be available here. But unfortunately most fondant recipes ask for edible glycerine or marshmallows or corn syrup…none of which are available here. So I had to experiment a bit. The results were incredible for my first try, but there was a lot of heartache involved. I started two days in advance so that I had the time to modify…and boy did I need it. At one point my husband said that he was loosing patience just watching me! The weather too played havoc, height of monsoon and eighty percent humidity doesn’t bode well for any kind of sugar does it! But It was like a thorn in my side I had to get it done, I just had to. So you will have to bear with me if I say that the recipe is far from perfect. I would love for you to make it and tell me how to modify it or make it better.

Ingredients (White Sugar Clay)

Icing Sugar ( Sieved)              500 gm

Margarine                                  1 tablespoon + a little extra for kneading

Gelatine                                       2 tablespoon


Soak the gelatine in a spoon of warm water. On a double boiler melt the margarine, add the gelatine and stir . It should mix quite easily.Take  the bowl off the heat and start adding the icing sugar. This will take some patience and a lot of faith! The mix will be sticky and show no sign of  coming together, just keep adding the icing sugar. It will start coming away from the bowl. Dust your work surface with a little icing sugar, turn out the sugar clay and start kneading, adding more sugar till it becomes a nice pliable dough. It will happen, when, I cant predict.  If  it sticks too much to your fingers use some margarine sparingly to oil your fingers. Once the sugar clay is done, it should look nice and silken. It may be a little soft because you have been working on it. The sugar clay must be wrapped in cling film/plastic bags and then in a piece of cloth before putting it in a air tight box. Only then store it in the fridge. It can be stored in the fridge for days. When you wish to work with it, take it out of the fridge, break off the amount you need. Rest keep covered in cling and cloth. Contact with air will dry it out. Sprinkle your work surface with corn flour. Then knead the clay till it becomes pliable again. Always keep icing sugar with you. at this stage, if your clay is too soft adding sugar will firm it up. If it is too dry, dip your finger in margarine and knead. It was a trial and error method for me but it works! You can roll out the clay with a rolling pin, continuously dusting your work surface and the rolling pin with cornflour.

White squares for the chess board cake :I made only the white squares, as the chocolate icing on the cake will serve as the black squares. For a 12 inch  base cake, I needed  32 white sugar clay squares of approximately 1 and1/2  inches each. I rolled out the sugar clay as thinly as possible, then using my sons plastic ruler I marked out and cut the squares. Keep a large tray dusted with cornflour ready at hand, and arrange the squares on this as they are done. They will dry out nicely overnight. DO NOT REFRIGERATE.

For White Chess Men using real chess men as inspiration I modeled out the pawns. But I took a short cut! I could not imagine making 64 pieces, so I looked in the Bobby Fisher book and found a move  which showed the check-mate move with minimum number of pawns!! I made a few extra to strew around the board. I used bottle caps to cut out the base, used the rear end of brushes to give texture and design. The chess men too were left out in the open to dry which nicely did. For Brown Chess Men the same sugar dough was used. I kneaded in a little brown powder food colour into the white sugar clay. But there must have been some reaction, as this never dried, instead kept melting. Over three days I re-did them numerous times, every time adding more sugar. Finally they did stand. But they did not dry. But hey, they sang for their supper and that’s all I asked of them!  To Assemble the cake on your iced chocolate cake , assemble the white squares to make it look like a chess board. On the box cake, using a piping bag/icing nozzle pipe the details and the name. Arrange the chess men on the board and some outside and one or two in the box.

In spite of all the work, it is well worth all the effort and trouble. Riz wanted to play chess on it and didn’t want to cut it….I think when I sat back at night with my aching feet up on the sofa and looked back, I felt I would have done it again in a heartbeat…provided it was just once a year : ) I wish you to try these recipes, and tweak them along the way. Especially the colored sugar work. If you feel the whole thing can be made easier, just let me know…always love an easy way out ; )

Take care

Waiting to hear from you ASAP


‘Black Pearl Ship’ Cake and Eggless ‘Thomas Engine’ Cake

 6th August ’12

Hi Didi!

I was going through some old pictures in the last days and saw the pic of that wonderful eggless Thomas Engine cake you made once.  I never got to taste it and neither that Pirates of the Caribbean inspired “The Black Pearl Ship” cake….but I dream of making such cakes someday! Could you tell me your tricks for those delicious looking icings and the cakes? I could look up some book for these, but you know how you and I are bad with measurements and calculations (Maths was a dreadful subject always!). Only you can hence tell me your tried and tested ‘not so perfect’ measurements and methods for baking those wondrous looking cakes 🙂 Will you please? 😀

Waiting for your reply!


Eggless Thomas Engine Cake

The Black Pearl and Eggless Chest of Gold Coins

12th August ’12

Dear Rinki,

Sorry for such a late reply in the day, but you do know how I was kept busy with guests as it was your nephew’s ninth birthday, which I will tell you in all back-breaking details later! I hope your dinner party went well the other night. Did you make the salad with that yummy dressing, you know the one you made when you came here? You have to give me the recipe.

When we were kids, my mum used to bake egg-less cakes for her vegetarian friends and it had things ranging from yoghurt to vinegar in it. Actually I tried that recipe and the cake turned out a disastrous sticky sour mess …Yuck! Probably because I didn’t have a recipe. I distinctly remember Ma’s cakes were quite good. Anyway, luckily I heard of this recipe from a friend, who didn’t have any idea about the measurements. So I tried to do it my way and guess what…It turned out perfectly well-behaved like all cakes should! And it wasn’t sticky so it could be cut and carved into shapes, which I stuck together with Butter cream icing. I even iced the cakes with this as it is quite a versatile icing which doesn’t melt easily under “hot” conditions like a mills and boon heroine ; )

So here goes….

For the Egg-less cake

Ingredients (for a two cup cake)

Flour                 2 level cups (If making chocolate cake then 1 cup flour and 1 cup cocoa powder)

Butter              1 cup softened at room temp. (If using vegetable oil, reduce it to 3/4 cup)

Baking powder             2 level teaspoons

Condensed Milk           1 cup (less if you want the cake less sweet)

Aerated soft drink (anything from coke to club soda)

Essence of choice


First thing even before you start mixing the ingredients, pre-heat the oven at 250 degree C. Prepare your cake tin by oiling it well and dusting with flour really well, taking care of the corners. A well oiled and dusted tin will ensure your cake comes out perfectly. Sieve the flour with the baking powder (this is important to aerate the flour),dump in the butter, the essence, the condensed milk and mix it together, it will come together like a dough. Taste it, if it is not sweet enough for you, add more. Next slowly pour in the soft drink while mixing. Your aim is to make a batter like consistency, not a watery mess. Pour immediately into your cake tin and bake for ten minutes at 250 degree C, then lower the heat to 200 degree C and bake for a further fifteen minutes. Insert a skewer in the centre to see if its done. Take out , cool and GOBBLE !

Note: It is better if your egg-less cake is not very large or thick. after all it doesn’t have eggs which are the binding agents and a thick cake can turn crumbly.

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For the Chocolate Butter Cream Icing


1. Margarine/ Butter   2 cups

2. Icing sugar                  3-4 cups ( sifted)

3. Milk                                1/2 cup ( more or less)

4. Cocoa Powder            1 cup     (sifted)

5. Powder milk                 1/2 cup ( sifted)

6. vanilla essence

Sift all dry ingredients so there are no lumps or impurities. Let the butter soften completely at room temperature, slowly add the cocoa powder, and the milk powder and mix. Add the essence and slowly add the icing sugar and whisk, if it becomes too thick add some milk and mix again.  Do not add all the sugar at once.  Slowly your mix should turn into a glistening thick creamy chocolatey mix with a satiny texture. You can use this to sandwich your cake or ice it. You can also thin it a little and pipe it through a nozzle for all the details like writing names. If it is a little runny add more Icing sugar. If it is too thick add a little milk. If it is crumbly add more butter. You know me, there is no fixed measurement in my cook book! Whatever works.

You can preserve this in the refrigerator for almost a month!. Just take it out to room temperature and start slathering it on your cake. Do not heat it. If using butter you may stand your mixing bowl over a bowl of ice. Margarine doesn’t require this. Whatever you do don’t despair. This time for Riz’s birthday cake when I was making this ( I used margarine) the whole thing just curdled up and separated into an oily mess. For a few minutes I was in a daze of hopelessness. Then I brought out every cooks secret weapon…A Hand Blender!  I whisked the mess and magically it came together in front of my eyes!

For a variation  Strawberry Butter Cream Icing


Margarine/Butter                    2 cups ( softened at room temperature)

Icing sugar                                  3-4 cups

Strawberry Syrup                     2-4 tbsp (or pulp made of 5-6 Fresh Strawberries)

Strawberry flavour

Method: Follow the same procedure as the Buttercream Icing.

So go ahead and enjoy, make your own changes and do post pictures…soon.

Love you


Missing everyone….and making Quattro Formaggi Pizzas!

Dear Didi and Daibi,

Yesterday was Rakhi…was missing you all a lot..didn’t feel like doing any work either..its been soo many years that we three haven’t been together on Rakhi.  Didi, when you were in Delhi, you tied Rakhi to both of us….I guess I never told you this but I felt very proud for having this honor; and when I would go to school later, I flaunted it saying, ‘meri didi ney bandha hai Rakhi coz mai bhi didi ki raksha karungi (my sister tied me the rakhi coz I would also protect her like my brother would)’.  Those were such lovely days, Ma used to make Loochis (fried flat bread) and some lovely aloo sabji (potato curry) or choley (Chickpeas curry)..and ofcourse that heavenly paayesh (rice and thickened milk dessert) served with freshly made narkol nadu (coconut laddoo) or jethima’s famous malpuas (soft and flat flour sweets dipped in sugar syrup)!!!  And Daibi, do you remember, almost every time just before Rakhi we would end up having a deadly fight..and we both would bitterly say, ‘No Rakhi this time’…then on the Rakhi morning we would have peace talks mediated by Ma and Baba and then all would be fine (next time we meet, we should have one of those fights just for the kicks!!)……aaah those were the days….

Anyways, remembering that time, yesterday I made a four cheese pizza called “Quatro Formaggi” in Italian. I used your method of making a pizza-dough and topped it with mozzarella, parmesan, provolone and gorgonzola cheese.  I have read about many variations to this recipe where they have used ricotta and other types of Italian cheese.  But gorgonzola is very important for this pizza…which I doubt you would get in India..its a kind of blue cheese with a very heavy pungent smell and not everyone likes it.  So when you guys come here, I will make it for you 🙂

Quattro Formaggi Pizza

I also made calzones with the left-over dough and made a caramelised onion and lamb sausage stuffing for them.  Niloy got that for lunch today, so he is is happily benefiting from my ‘not-so-good’ days when I end up making something new and interesting!

Oh and I totally forgot to tell you guys…a few days back I made this upside down strawberry cake and choco-chip+candied orange peel muffins.  I lined up the baking tray with strawberry halves and poured the cake batter on it. Didi, I still follow your recipe of madly whipping up 1/2 cup oil+1/2 cup sugar+2 eggs together and adding 1 tsp baking powder+1 cup flour later.

Upside down Strawberry Cake and Chocochip & Candied Orange Peel Muffin

The cake turned out to be feather-soft and the juices from the strawberries made it melt in the mouth.  I have tried making a similar cake with apple quarters, peach halves, pineapple slices and grapes! Trust me they all turn out to be delicious!!! 😀 See talking about food already lifts my mood…now I will get back to work..

You both take care, sending loads of love and hoping that someday we three get together for Rakhi.

Write back soon,


Sinful Dark Chocolate Cake

Dear Didi,

I wanted to ask you how to make your famous chocolate cake. Can you post it soon as I wish to make it for mum’s birthday next month. But I would like to try it at least once before hand. I am really rushed at the moment, will write to you later. Please do post it as soon as possible



July 21st

Dear Ramit,

I got your message asking me for my dark chocolate cake recipe. It is wonderfully sweet of you to wish to make it for your mum’s birthday. I am posting it here and if you follow it there should be no problem at all. It is a tried and tested recipe.

This recipe is a basic two cup cake recipe for a 8 inch diameter 2 inch height cake.If you want a larger cake, increase everything proportionately, or decrease if need a smaller batch. As this is a chocolate cake the amount of flour has been halved and replaced by cocoa powder, in a plain cake the flour itself would be 2 cups.


Flour ( maida) + Cocoa powder                          2 cups ( 1 cup flour + 1 cup Cocoa)

Sugar                                                                              1 cup

Baking powder                                                            2 level teaspoon

Butter/Margarine                                                      1  cup ( 3/4 cup if using Oil)

Eggs                                                                                  4 large

Essence of Vanilla                                                      2-3 tsp


Like any other cake, pre-heat the oven at 250 degree C and prepare your cake tin by oiling it well and dusting with flour. Sieve the flour,cocoa powder, and the baking powder to to aerate and get rid of lumps and impurities. Whisk sugar, egg and butter/margarine/oil together till frothy. Add the essence. Add the flour slowly. Another important thing to remember is that don’t over mix or keep the batter too long after its ready, as the baking powder will start loosing its potency. Pour in the tin and bake at 250 degree centigrade for ten minutes and then reduce the heat to 200 degree C and bake for further fifteen minutes. If you insert a skewer in the center it should come out clean. Let the cake stand for a few minutes. Now if you had oiled and dusted your tin well the cake tin can be upturned and tapped on the bottom and the cake will come out clean. If this gives you nightmares, use oiled paper to line your tin bottom.

Take care.



21st July