The Three Siblings

The quintessential question as the wise people know is… “To Eat or not to Eat?”

The story of our food blog starts, as all stories must for people of our dotage, in the dark period before God said let there be internet, mobiles and facebook . Humanity was predominantly bored , so the ancestors mostly gathered around in groups and cooked their hearts out.

Thus begins the story of three scrawny kids, who quickly learnt that family Gatherings meant Good Food and Great Times. Of course another G was added over the years..The Girths- of our torsos. But not to worry about that, men and women must be ready to make some sacrifices for the betterment of the society! We three between us have kept many a grocer from bankruptcy. To reluctantly return to the topic at hand, I distinctly remember Ramit and I all of ten or twelve, making a massive meat loaf and then taking it to the terrace and polishing it off before anyone could say “pass the salt”. Over the years Dakhina and I became especially close. I would look up recipes from books ( we are still talking of the dark ages) and she would be my sous chef.. doing all the menial jobs especially chopping onions!

Then we grew up and went our own way….

…and somewhere along the way  (at this point of time readers familiar with Hindi Movie Folklore may  switch on to Manmohan Desai mode to facilitate the fast forward mode…think running kid legs morphing into the adult protagonist all in a span of a minute )….our legs too grew …fatter and thicker, but definitely not faster. Dakhina travelled the world and ate her way through three continents, I , Ushmita made my home in Santiniketan, which was really not a place to sample great food, so I cooked and baked( burnt, scorched) and generally  sought any excuse to bring the world onto my table and Ramit, well …he , among other things also started a Food Walk which gave him the easiest excuse to eat in a quasi- professional capacity. Talk about having your cake and eating it too! Lately , since Dakhina’s transcontinental move we have found ourselves exchanging recipes and food pictures over the phone. So when the idea of a food blog came up it felt like a translation of what we were already doing, only the format needed to be changed.

So here we are the Three Curry Cousins, doing what we do best at all times….Eat and travel and Talk FOOD.


10 comments on “The Three Siblings

  1. Mahjabin Imam Majumdar says:

    Wow curry cousins…loved the recipes, really mouth watering yet simple & interesting! Thanks guys for this wonderful food blog! Keep it up & cheers! 🙂

  2. Dev says:

    Dear Rinki, Daibi and Aakunaa Didi, Many Congratulations ! The CURRY COUSINS are the perfect combination of Knowledge, Art, Passion, and Creativity mixed in one blender. Since I am a big foodieee, I will have my eye on this blog all the time for new recipes (particularly the chicken 😛 :P) Thank you once again to you. catch you soon. Cheers !! Dev

  3. Sautik Samanta (Shonku) says:

    Congrats….. it gud to find people like u who manage to dedicate time to their passion inspite of their busy schedule…. keep the ardor alive…..

  4. Your story is very compelling! I love the names of your posts too! Can’t wait to look at them….I think this will be a very interesting blog to follow!!

    • Thanks Kelli, again 🙂 our posts are very much part of our personal lives…they are stories about secrets, incidents and various adventures that the three of us have had together…welcome to our world and hope you enjoy reading us!

  5. Great stuff guys! Would be great if you could be part of our WalkedThru project in one form or another! Keep on bloggin’ 🙂

  6. Aibee says:

    Lyk d blog. ‘N do identify wid the sentiments therein. Keep posting!

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