Ramit (Daibi)

I am a Marketer by profession, a founder of a Delhi city walks club which is a passion and a photographer-in-the-making, but Food is what excites me!

But you may wonder why I put up a blurry, mobile-clicked picture of a half-eaten pizza if I am an amateur photographer & ardent foodie? After all should the picture have not been clicked before I actually gobbled up nearly a quarter of it!!

Well, I guess this picture defines me; I was so eager to sink in my teeth into that hot, oven-fresh chicken & bell-peppers, home-made pizza, that only after the initial rush of the endorphin hormones from the warm cheese & juices of the spicy toppings flooded my brain, was it able to think & take stock of the situation, that “Shit i forgot to click a picture of the pizza!” to share with my fellow Curry Cousins  (Ushmita & Dakhina). Yes this image defines my overriding love, passion & hunger for food!

Since the age of 9 food has been my first love or as they say in Hindi, the most widely spoken langauge of my country India, ‘Mera pehla pyaar hai Khana & Piinaa’ – which translates literally to ‘My first love is Food & Drinks!!’

And living in many different states of two of the world’s largest countries in the world, India & Australia, has given me more than ample oppurtunities to indulge in my gastronomic adventures. I may not understand much about what goes into making the foods as my other two Curry Cousins do, but well I kind of compensate my lack of culinary skills with an insatiable appetite for good food & obviously some drinks along with it! I mean someone has to appreciate & encourage the cousins when they go about concocting their fantastic foods.

With the view to satisfy my triple passions of Food & Drink, Heritage & Culture and Photography I combined all of them together to form DelhiByFoot, a club of friends who every weekend walk the off-the-beaten tracks of Delhi clicking pictures, learning about the history from the local residents of the streets and most importantly discovering foodie delights that can’t be found in any ‘posh’ restaurant. After all New Delhi, the capital city of India, is a melting pot of culture, people & cuisines from various Indian states & other countries, and our focus is on unearthing authentic foods of a region, country or community.

When I am not eating(which are very rare moments) or clicking pictures, I half-heartedly try to cope up with the pressures of a job as a Senior Manager in the Indian telecom industry (well I do need the money to pay the Food Bills!)

So as my curry cousins go about exchanging their letters & notes on the intricacies of creating awsome foods, I will keep sharing my pictures and experiences of the What To Eat & Where To Eat while in New Delhi and India…

Happy reading, drooling, trying out the recipes & sharing your experiences of ‘Uniting the world via food’,

Cheers, Ramit


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