Dakhina (Rinki)

A traveller, an ardent foodie who also runs her Indian Cooking Class in Melbourne (Flames and Spices), social scientist with a PhD, social researcher and an amateur photo-essayist, I was the the youngest of the three cousins, thus subject to the bulk of the bullying while growing up! But now they are literally eating their own words and right out of my hands!

As a child I never liked food but when I started to assist Ushmita (Sister…Mamoni Didi) in her kitchen experiments, I began to appreciate it more.  Later when I started cooking, Ramit (Brother..Daibi) was my guinea pig….his comments helped me fine-tune my culinary skills.  Obviously with such developments, I transformed from a slim and trim food-hater to a ‘chubby-healthy’ food lover!

The obsession with food deepened and even in dreams I could see myself savoring the likes of pizzas with watermelon toppings!! My stay in Germany, South Africa, Italy, France, Switzerland, Russia, Austria and now Australia has allowed me to dabble in the local cuisines and helped me pick up a trick or two.  A group of friends from different countries have both been teachers and also been at the receiving end of my culinary skills (Reap as you sow)!! Thai, Romanian, German, Italian, Russian, French and obviously traditional Indian cuisines is generally what I focus on, but that said, I am impartial when it comes to anything & everything that is edible & cook-able!!!

Travelling introduced me also to new vegetables, fruits, meats, herbs, sea-food, cheese, sauces, etc., stuff which is not easily available in India or which is still alien to an Indian like celeryblue cheese, chorizo, quailcalamari, kaki/sharon, European and Asian sauces, lovage, borage and many others.  I also learnt to use these in a way that it suits the Indian palate.

Now I am living in Australia and hubby dear is my new guinea pig.  So here I would write about everything that I have tested on him as well as my versions of famous recipes, besides sharing knowledge about fooooooood.

So happy reading & eating!!!


4 comments on “Dakhina (Rinki)

  1. Ralica says:

    A Charming Intro, Rinki! You have cooked some of the most delicious meals I have eaten, and in the most “delicious” company!

    I did not know celery was new to India! I use it in everything, especially soups 🙂

    • Thanks Rali! 🙂 wonderful to see you here..do let us know when you try out our recipes..soon we will be putting up some simple indian recipes, including the kichererbsen one that I had made when you guys came 🙂

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