Quick Fruit Cream Trifle with Blueberry and Kiwi

Woooooow Didi!! This is called coming back with a BANG!!! That No-bake Cheesecake looks as divine as the freshly made plate of Tagliatelle.  Am glad that you realised how easy pasta-making was…now-a-days I even make whole-wheat pasta and sometimes add boiled spinach or tomato puree for healthy & colorful versions! Last time I added few pinches of dried herbs and 1 tbsp of garlic juice to the dough…it tasted divine even in a simple white sauce 😀

My dearest Rizimon’s kitchen interests are evidently increasing….Ma saw the post and remarked, ‘Seldom you see such a small kid engrossed in a kitchen activity!’  We are all very proud of him….Didi, you must post the B’day cake that he made for you too!! Oh and the Bengali Lunch spread that you put….its just marvelous!! The post immediately transported me back to Shantiniketan into your lavish kitchen and I imagined am sitting right there waiting to be served on that dining table!!! We do get most of the Indian veggies/spices in fresh or frozen forms….so I must replicate this for Niloy as he really misses such Bong spreads due to my year-round experimental cooking 🙂 😛

As you asked, I am finally sharing the Fruit Cream Trifle recipe that we were talking about a few days back. This is again a real simple recipe that you can make well in advance for your guests!

Fruit Cream Trifle with Blueberry and Kiwi

Fruit Cream Trifle with Blueberry and Kiwi

Fruit Cream Trifle with Blueberry and Kiwi

For 6 glasses:

300ml Fresh Cream

4-5 Tbsp Brown Sugar

(Optional) 2 Tbsp Powdered White Sugar

4 Tbsp Butter

1/2 cup Pulp of Blueberry or any other fruit like mango, strawberry, etc.

12-15 pieces of Dark or Milk Chocolate

(Optional) 1 cup Very Thick Vanilla Custard (you can make fresh with egg yolks or use custard powder and milk)

1/2 cup Kiwi Pulp

Some kiwi pieces and blueberries/fruits to decorate

In a steel pot, heat the brown sugar to make the butterscotch cream.  When its melted and begins to caramelise, add the butter and stir well. Turn of heat and pour in 50 ml of cream and mix. Let it cool.  In a bowl whip 150 ml cream in a bowl with a fork or a small whisk.  Once its thick and stiff, add the sugar and whip again.  Mix the blueberry pulp to this and set aside. Take the chocolate and remaining 100 ml cream in a microwave safe glass bowl and microwave it for 30 seconds-1 min or till chocolate is partially melted.  Mix well to remove all lumps and set aside.

Once all of the different mixes have come to room temperature, take 6 glasses and start arranging. I poured in the chocolate first, then blueberry cream, then Kiwi pulp, then butterscotch cream and then 1 tbsp of vanilla custard on top. I used a spoon to pour the mixes, but ziplock bags or piping bags can be used as well.  I decorated the fresh fruits on top. You can arrange this in any way and increase/decrease the proportions of each layer as you like. Be creative!! Chill the glasses for 3-4 hours and they are ready to be served!

Hope you enjoy it!!

Take care you two…will write back more soon! Till then,

Love and hugs,


4 comments on “Quick Fruit Cream Trifle with Blueberry and Kiwi

  1. Niloy Dutta says:

    This was awesome!!

  2. veenashankar says:

    super treat for sweet tooth

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